Landis Communities Has a New Brand

Following God’s call to creatively serve the diverse needs and interests of older adults by developing opportunities and collaborative relationships.

The strong backing of a well-known organization matters when consumers are looking for a new service provider or a new place to live. Across all markets, we see this wisdom influencing the decision-making process. For example, some travelers might enjoy the novelty of a mom and pop B&B, but there is a reason hotel chains like Hilton and Marriot own multiple hotel brands: they leverage the value of their well-known, worldwide brand and elevate smaller brands through that recognition and reputation.

At Landis Communities, we are building this reputation for excellence in serving aging adults with the word LANDIS. The name Landis has value—the history, the legacy, the excellent reputation. For over 55 years, what began as Landis Homes is an organization that follows God’s call to creatively serve the diverse needs and interests of older adults by developing opportunities and collaborative relationships and by honoring and enriching the lives of aging adults and their families in communities of Christ-like love. We are guided by our values of joy, compassion, integrity, stewardship and community, faithful to the heritage established by our past leaders and prepared to continue this legacy with each generation.


In the busy landscape of Lancaster County’s senior services, LANDIS COMMUNITIES is growing – actively seeking new ways to serve more aging adults across all socio-economic levels. In an effort to create a visual identity that brings together all areas of the organization, we have recently completed a full rebranding initiative. We are excited to share our new brand with you.


With roots and trunk comprised of human figures, the trees in the new logo communicate that Landis Communities is more than a series of buildings, rather it is a fellowship of individuals working together to build and sustain life-giving values. The leaves are separate but connected by shape and proximity, emphasizing the way Landis Communities is sustained by diversity and community partnerships.




Guiding this process was the goal to craft a brand that:

  • Highlights the diversity of our communities
  • Emphasizes joyful service in an environment that nurtures faith
  • Represents integrity and promotes dignity
  • Portrays quality and excellence
  • Showcases innovation, collaboration, and forward-thinking growth
  • Establishes a base for consistency among all Landis Communities affiliate and partner logos



A key element of successfully functioning as one organization with many parts is having a brand identity that emphasizes the way we all belong together. Our new family of brands visually helps people make the connection and recognize the scale of Landis Communities. Beginning in 2020, you will see all the affiliates of Landis Communities begin using visual marks reflecting these ties.