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Landis Communities

Following Godís call to creatively serve the diverse needs and interests of older adults by developing opportunities and collaborative relationships.

Speakers Resource Listing

Landis Communities offers a Speakers Resource Listing to serve church and community groups. Landis Communitiess team members are available at no cost to present on a variety of topics. Speakers who are not Landis Communities employees may require an honoraria for services. For more information, contact Larry Guengerich at LGuengerich@landiscommunities.org, or 717-569-3271, Ext. 3526.

Beth Trout

VP of Advancement
Ext. 5490

"Basic Principles of Estate Planning"
"The Benefit of Appreciated Property & other Non-cash Gifts"
"Life Income Gift Plans"

Larry Guengerich

Director of Communications and Church Relations
Ext. 3526

"Anabaptist History"
"Crisis Communications Planning"óFor Small Businesses, Churches and Non-Profits
"He Chose Whom?: A Human Resources take on the Disciples' Call."

Linford Good

Vice President Planning & Marketing
Ext. 3517

"This is not your Grandmother's Nursing Home"
"Planning for Extended Care"
"Trends in Retirement Communities & Long Term Care"

Stephanie Hoffman

Director of Risk Management
Ext. 3573

"Ready or Not, Here Comes the Flu"
"Fall Management and Fall Risk"

Faith Hoover

Director of Adult Day Services
Ext. 3513

"Memory Loss" (multiple topics)
"Adult Day Services"

Donna Mack Shenk

Director of Pastoral Services
Ext. 3568

"Making End-of-Life Choices and Decisions"
"Death and Dying" (and related topics)
"Living With and Managing Stress"
"Self care while being a Caregiver"
"Pastoral Care for Seniors"
"Training for Lay Ministers or Deacons"

Larry Zook

Ext. 3561

"Landis Homes: A Community of Serving One Another"
"The Missional Church and Aging"
"Our Congregation is Aging: Landis Homes as a Partner"
[Other topics may be requested]

Daryl Peifer

Director of Business Development
(717) 413-0078

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