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Tuesday, September 13, 11:00-12:30 pm • High Learning & Wellness Center

Tuesday, November 15, 1:30-3:00 pm • High Learning & Wellness Center

Landis Communities and Friends Life Care have collaborated to offer flexible and comprehensive long-term care plans, including expert care coordination and financial benefit, for those aged 40-85, living in Lancaster and Lebanon Counties.

There will be a Continuing Care at Home In-Person Seminar held at the Calvin G and Janet C High Learning and Wellness Center at Landis Homes on Tuesday, September 13th at 11:00 am, and Tuesday, November 15 at 1:30 pm.  Registration is required and can be completed by contacting Joy Albright at 717-381-3599 or by clicking the buttons above.

Topics will include:

  • What options are available to allow you to thrive in your home as long as possible?
  • What is the difference between long-term care insurance and membership in a Friends Life Care plan?
  • How do Medicare, Medicaid, and your current healthcare insurance relate to your long-term care needs?

Pre-recorded webinars are also available by registering at https://www.friendslifecare.org/landis/

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